Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is it worth it? it ever. Think about it for a moment. Really think about it--without all the excuses you're googling for (we both know you'll come up with millions). The fact is, if you GET HONEST with yourself long enough to remember a time when you were in better shape, you know darn well you'd give almost anything to get that back again. How do I know that? Because if you allow yourself to go back there and FEEL THE FEELING OF BEING FIT for even 30 seconds, you'll want it--BAD.

Maybe you're thinking the investment of time is just too much. Maybe you're thinking things like "I hate going to gyms--I feel so self conscious there. It's too expensive anyway. With the economy like this, who can afford a gym membership? And besides, I don't know what I'm doing. I always get hurt! And I'm certainly in no position to hire a personal trainer to show me! And then there's the diet part--God I hate having to give up all the things I like to eat--it's all too depressing to even contemplate!" Well, those are all valid points my friend...that's why I started my IN-HOME training company and added Beachbody Fitness.

We're all pressed for time and money these days--that's nothing new. And talking yourself into driving to a gym, then waiting for equipment to be available, and then driving home, hopefully avoiding a lot of traffic, is enough to make the most committed exerciser think twice. But what if I could cut your time commitment in half, or by a third, or more? What if I could offer an IN-HOME program that's effective, affordable and could give you more support than you could ever get at a gym...even with a personal trainer?? Welcome to Beachbody Fitness, where the choice of programs and support, FAR surpass anything you'll ever find at a gym--even with a trainer! AND it's all in the comfort of YOUR OWN HOME!

Join me, Vawny, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and BEACHBODY FITNESS COACH at and let me take to that place you've been dreaming about for a long, long time. GET FIT, GET HAPPY!

And if you've ever secretly dreamed of becoming a fitness coach, boy have I got news for you! you can make money while you get fit! How's that for motivation, hm...?C'mon...check it out!

Vawny Sullivan