Tuesday, September 29, 2009


And it’s nagging at you--everyday. Did you realize that there really is no condition in your life that you cannot modify into something better? No, you haven’t missed the proverbial boat. The boats continue to dock right at your front door, (lack of navigable water, notwithstanding.) You only have to move your gaze in the direction of the boats, and away from your list of reasons why you think you cannot do this. How many boats you think you’ve missed already, makes no difference--none. All that matters is your current focus--right now. What are you talking about? How is it making you feel? Is it negative, complaining, fatalistic? Do you constantly joke that you could never get fit? That you were simply born this way?
Here's an interesting tidbit: Do you realize that by screaming “NO!” at something you don’t want in your life, you‘re actually putting tons of energy into it, thereby focusing on it? You must turn your attention to, and focus on the “new you” in order for it to happen. You already know that it’s the actions that you take everyday that determine your future. Well, by the same token, it’s the thoughts that you repeat everyday that determine your actions!

You will never get to your solutions by focusing only on the problem--even in a humorous way! Unless you stop beating the drum of what’s wrong, you will continue to stay immersed in “what’s wrong.” There will always be another disease, another problem, another “issue” another person pissing you off, so what? Focusing on them, or fighting against them, doesn’t make them go away. But turning your attention to the things you want and the things that are right in your life changes everything--including the way you feel--right now. And that, my friends, is KEY.

Now, I know many of you are thinking "Uh huh, right Vawny. That'll work..." and it’s because you’ve been beating this negative drum pretty regularly, for some time now, (thank you for making my point). Start by making peace with today, and you will automatically improve your future. Instead of pushing against where you are, or where you have been, get ok with it by realizing that a new boat just docked for you, in the steady stream of boats coming your way. You will suddenly have the energy to take a step in the direction of your focus--which will now be your desires! C’mon, just try it!

Wanna try a fun activity? Today, take the time to write the story of your desire, of how you’d really like your life to be, just for fun. No one has to see it, so don’t hold back--this is just for you. What would it say? Would you be fit, healthy, happy, rich? Whatever it is, use this fun activity to discover your heart’s desire. Continue to work this “attitude adjustment” daily, and watch what happens next…

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ok, it's been a while, I know. I have an excuse...sort of. Honestly, this time of year is incredibly hard for me--not because I don't like it. In fact, I love Autumn! But the sad truth is, I suffer from horrendous allergies in the Fall. So much so, that I'm not sure it's not a combination of allergies and SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. I'm telling you this because once again, I do truly struggle to work out at times. Working out is my passion, and so I think this incredibly unfair. I mean, c'mon--one would think that with an extremely clean diet, (no sugar--refined or otherwise, no white flour, etc...) and a very regular challenging workout routine six days a week, I'd be feeling pretty damn good 'ey? Yeah, me too. And generally, I do--I feel incredible. That is, until Fall. Then all hell breaks loose in terms of control over how I feel. And what's worse, is that if I stop my routine I get so sick I can't function! I'm not kidding--it's been going on since I was a kid. The only way to manage it is to continue the strict routine I've established and do my best to function throughout the day.

Now, I've been told that I have Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, systemic Candidiasis, among a few other things--by doctors. So what the hell am I doing?? Well, it's all very interesting and challenging for sure, and I certainly have the option to role over and die--or wallow in it. But for some reason I was born as feisty as they come--well, some might say "stubborn" is a little closer to accurate (like my poor old mother--who's earned that right) regardless of my not so feisty immune system. And for some reason, I've chosen to live my life to the fullest.

But seriously, there are many days that I wonder how in God's name I'm gonna get through it, so I break it down into small "bites" as it were. And some days I simply need to nap, or I'll fall over--driving or something entertaining like that. Today was no exception and yet I managed to get a great workout in. After 40 minutes of cardio, I did my P90X, Back, Biceps and Ab Ripper. Not easy...and ya know what? I feel much better. I do too! I swear it--or I don't think I'd be able to talk myself into it. I still feel crappy compared to the way I'd normally feel, or the way I'd like to feel, but I feel better than I did earlier, and it's sooo worth it to feel better, look good, and get something really important accomplished everyday.

So my point here is not to gain your pity--if that were the case, I'd be all over this thing whining regularly. My point is that I do know how hard it can be to maintain a workout routine--and I know first hand how much better it makes life to simply do it anyway--even when we can't do a great job.

I've chosen not to focus on all those "issues" I've been told are mine. I take great care of my body and my mind, just like the doctors and books tell me to, and I let it go. I choose life today--and in order to do that, I push my body to move, forcing blood and oxygen to pump at it's maximum through my muscles and cells, while feeding them the nutrients to support their hard work. I'm certainly no doctor, and I'd never advise anyone with a serious diagnosis to ignore it. But I thought it your business to know me, to know who this "Vawny" (who's always poppin' off about taking care of yourself) truly is. I am human and I have frailties, just like you--But I don't see myself that way. I see myself as strong, healthy and happy. I'm aware that certain times in life are more challenging than others, and I'm aware that "This too, shall pass." So, rather than live in the problem, I chose to live in the solution--or simply to live.

For help dealing with any of these health issues, or others, contact me at www.teambeachbody.com/vawny, or http://www.art-of-fitness.net/, and start living your life again!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I just started my 9th week of P90X and I'm shocked at the difference! After my "rest" week, I came back so much stronger I couldn't believe it! That feels REALLY good. If I knew what to say to get you to try a Beachbody program (there are many to choose from) I'd say it--over and over. THIS WORKS YOU GUYS!!! Logging in to work out everyday because my buddies are expecting me makes a huge difference--and being entered in the thousand dollar a day give away doesn't hurt either. What the heck are you waiting for? Your new life is a click away!!!