Monday, March 12, 2012

I just made a HUGE faux pas in my weight loss endeavor

...And thought it
apropos to share. OK, so I'm pretty experienced at this whole weight
loss/fitness thing--that's fairly clear. But even I'm vulnerable to
being "taken" when it comes to "healthy food." Let me

First of all, I know you're thinking "And why, in God's name, are YOU
losing weight, Vawny??" Well, if you've seen my Beachbody
site, you'll know that I gained ten to lose ten, so that you
could watch my progress and know that I feel your pain. I'm 50 years old, so
it's not a ridiculous idea to think I could hit a weight loss plateau. However,
I have a strict diet and I workout frequently and intensely. Needless to say, I
was a bit shocked when my metabolism seemed to stall out on me. Now, I'm aware
that I don't lose weight as easily as I did a decade ago--in fact, I've joined
the ranks of those who gain weight by virtually looking at fattening foods,
(such a bummer…) but this time, I was really mystified. Nothing seemed to be
budging my weight--cutting carbs, increasing cardio, etc., until a couple of
days ago, that is...

I decided to stop at the grocery store that carries the only ground turkey that
I truly love (oops--duhh--red flag Vawn) and since the price had gone
up, yet again, I started reading the labels to find a comparable product. Well,
guess what I found? Yeah...I'm an idiot. It said that right on the label--“Vawny
is an idiot!“ The reason I loved that ground turkey enough to go out of my
way to buy it?? The damn FAT CONTENT!!! I couldn't have been more shocked--or
incensed, for that matter. While the store “muzak” morphed and
hammered the Freddy Krueger soundtrack through my head, the words "17
grams of fat per serving; serving size 1 oz" jumped off the label like
a landed tuna. GOOD GOD! I had been eating about four ounces per meal!
Once I recovered from what felt like an impending apoplexy right in front of the
meat section, I was able to pull together some gratitude for the fact that I
didn't actually gain a bunch of weight--fat head notwithstanding…Whew!
So, I'm sharing this with you because I know how cunning, baffling, and
powerful the food industry can be, and I know how insidiously fat can creep
into ones diet. I can already see the difference in just a couple of days of
changing to a low fat ground chicken. But I'm sending out a warning to you

The food industry in general, has one goal and that's to make a profit.
I thought I'd struck gold when I found that stuff--and I know better! That, my
friends is called "Denial" with a capital "D" and most of
us are vulnerable. To assume that “because it’s ground turkey, it must be
low fat“ is some weighty rationalizing. I'm embarrassed--hanging my
head in shame, (and from the fact that my head now weighs more). I need to
clean house. Confess. So that my blunder is not your blunder--and not in vain.
Is all this label reading/weight loss information driving you to near
psychosis? Contact me at Beachbody Fitness and liberate yourself from
guesswork with our unparalleled support! You are sooo worth it!!

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